danny barrett


I design. My exposure to the art world started with closely studying artwork on cereal boxes, later I fell in love with album covers (Iron Maiden specifically) - but now typography, design/layout, beautiful code, and human UX behavior fills my day (and nights).

I specialize in UI, UX, prototyping, web design, identity work, and logo design.

I enjoy creating rich user experiences that feel both immersive and effortless. When designing I pay close attention to my client's brand voice.

I believe that concept is paramount and harmony should always be adhered to. A strong ideation process should always play a key role in every design decision. But before anything, I always start on paper. Whether it's logo sketches or wireframes, I utilize the tried and true art of pen and paper.

Interested in working together? Awesome. Shoot me an email at: db.pants@gmail.com

Also, my spirt animal is a tauntaun. I hope you enjoy my work.